Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's some more George Liquor drawings!
This time practicing functional drawings, after getting familiar with the characters structure, porportions. Here's John K.' s blog link for this try
here's the script I worked with:

"George and Jimmy go hunting.

George tells Jimmy all about the beauty of nature as they ride to the wilderness in a huge 4 by 4. We need our walls to be as beautiful as the wild - only dead!"

comments welcome


Mitch L said...

Hee nice, they are really clear. Did you drew allot of sketches or whas this youre first try?

d gill said...

Hey, thanks for the note, well I'm not sure what you mean, I did practice John K's G.L. and got familiar with him, and I also did do thumbnail planning sketches for these ones too, trying different angles, etc. I can upload those too if you're interested